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    Object Message in HornetQ Core

    java into Newbie

      What is the ObjectMessage Equivalalent in HornetQ Core ?


      I want to send in a serialized object in the queue(I know its a costly operation as mentioned but i have no other choice). Jms provides this with the facility to do it in creating a Object Message Type and setting the Object ...Looking for a similar implementation in Core ?



      ObjectMessage objectMessage = session.createObjectMessage();




      Core ?

      Any Pointers would be appreciated.


      I am using ClientMessage clientM = clientS.createMessage(false); to create the clientMessage but how do i put the

      Serializable object in my client Message

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          Clebert Suconic Master

          With the core api, you just send byte messages (with aggregated properties).



          You can just use ObjectOutputStream(ByteArrayOutputStream)


          then... msg.putBytes(byteArrayOutput.getBytes());



          That's pretty much what we do on the JMS ObjectMessage wrapper.



          (BTW: If JMS was being created today, I would fight against any other message type different than LargeMessages and BytesMessages ;-).. but that's a tangent of this conversation. All you need is a way to send Messages with aggregated bytes on it).