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    Dealing & working with drl (drules) [JBPM 4.4]

    Senhaji Mustapha Newbie

      Hello everybody,


      I would like to work with rules-decision but unfortunatly I don't know how to deploy(use) drl file.


      This is my jpdl.



      <process name="commerce" xmlns="http://jbpm.org/4.4/jpdl">


      <swimlane candidate-groups="DC" name="DC"/>


      <start g="356,7,80,40">

            <transition g="-84,-16" name="createOpportunity" to="commerce_rules"/>



      <rules-decision name="commerce_rules" g="663,374,48,48" >

      <transition g="379,397:49,13" name="CCI" to="SubProcess : CCI"/>

                 <transition g="-22,11" name="CCP" to="SubProcess :  Clientele Privee"/>

                 <transition g="954,399:5,-15" name="CCPT" to="SubProcess : CCPT"/>






      And this is my drl file.

      global java.lang.String decision;

      global org.jbpm.jpdl.internal.rules.Outcome outcome;


      rule "CCP"


          eval(decision == "CCP")





      If anybody knows the solution, please write it right down. Thank's for help