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    Jboss7 modular jsf application

    Dimitra Konstantinidou Newbie



      We are trying to build a modular jsf application. The application consists of a war file and several jar files. Each jar file contains .xhtml pages , associated beans and configuration files like faces-config.xml, web-fragment.xml and pretty-config.xml . The jar files are deployed independently of the war file. Also, they are declared as dependencies in the war’s jboss-deployment-structure.xml.


      However, the pretty-faces mappings which are declared in the jar’s pretty-config.xml are getting ignored. Also, the named beans that are located inside the jars resolve always to null  (the jar file includes a beans.xml). In jboss6 we did not had the above issues, although the jars were not scanned for JSF annotations and the FacesContext seemed to be null. Is it possible to deploy an application with the above configuration in jboss7 or jboss6?


      Thank you in advance.