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    Richfaces fileupload: maxRequestSize

    Suresh Babu Newbie

      Hi All,

           i am new to JSF Richfaces, i had a problem with rishfaces:fileupload.

      i want to restrict my upload file size to 3000KB.

      Step 1: When i try to upload a file of size 2900 KB, its giving message saying that "File Upload is restricted"..some thing like that.

      Step 2: when i try to upload file of size 2500KB, i am able to upload file.

      Can any one tell me that why i am not able to uplaod file in step 1.


      maxRequestSize value we set in web.xml is the size of the file which we will upload or size of the HttpServletRequest object.


      Can any one confirm me.


      Thanks in Advance.