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    Showcase WAR classifiers cleanup

    Lukáš Fryč Master

      Currently we ship with following classified WARs, which distinguish target container:


      - jee6 (Java EE 6 compatible)

      - tomcat6


      These names starts to be out-of-date, since tomcat6 WAR are being deployed on Tomcat7 and jee6 won't run on all of the Java EE 6 compatible containers.


      Reason for incompability of jee6 is introduction of new APIs (JMS, JPA, CDI) and implementation requirement that demo should run out of the box.


      I propose clean this up and introduce classifiers as follows:


      - tomcat - Tomcat 6 and Tomcat 7 compatible (no differences currently)

      - jbas6

      - jbas7

      - (glassfish3)