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    Tomcat-5.5.29 detected, but ignored !?

    Prashant n Newbie

      Hi ALL,


      I have RHQ-4.0.1 (server and agent). The agent is running on MS Windows 2003-32bit with JRE- This host has tomcat-5.5.29 installed in "C:" drive as "C:\Tomcat5529". 


      Tomcat has been enabled for remote JMX queries as stated  in the best practices as






      in the JAVA_OPTS. The CATALINA_HOME is set to C:\Tomcat5529 in the global environment variables.


      The issue is that the tomcat instance is detected and ignored by the agent. The agent's log is:



      2011-07-07 12:37:05,780 DEBUG [ResourceDiscoveryComponent.invoker.daemon-2] (jboss.on.plugins.tomcat.TomcatDiscoveryComponent)- Discovering Tomcat servers...

      2011-07-07 12:37:05,780 DEBUG [ResourceDiscoveryComponent.invoker.daemon-2] (jboss.on.plugins.tomcat.TomcatDiscoveryComponent)- Discovered potential Tomcat process: ProcessScanResult: scan=[ProcessScan: query=[process|basename|match=^tomcat(5|6)\.exe], name=[WindowsEWSTomcat]], info=[process: pid=[2700], name=[C:\Tomcat5529\bin\tomcat5.exe], ppid=[648]]

      2011-07-07 12:37:05,780 DEBUG [ResourceDiscoveryComponent.invoker.daemon-2] (jboss.on.plugins.tomcat.TomcatDiscoveryComponent)- catalina.home not found. Checking to see if this is an EWS installation.

      2011-07-07 12:37:05,780 ERROR [ResourceDiscoveryComponent.invoker.daemon-2] (jboss.on.plugins.tomcat.TomcatDiscoveryComponent)- Ignoring Tomcat instance due to invalid setting of catalina.home in command line: [C:\Tomcat5529\bin\tomcat5.exe, //RS//Tomcat5]

      2011-07-07 12:37:05,780 DEBUG [InventoryManager.discovery-1] (rhq.core.pc.inventory.InventoryManager)- Discovery for [Tomcat Server] resources completed in [0] ms



      The startup parameters ( configured in the JAVA Tab of Tomcat Configuration under windows ) for Tomcat running as service is:










      -Xms 1024m -Xmx 1024m -Xss128k


      I have attached the agent.log here. Also note that I am running the agent in debug mode.


      How do we resolve this?



      Thanks & Regards

      Prashant N