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    How to set first visible row in ExtendedDataTable

    Pål Bergan Newbie

      I have a table with let's say 100 rows. I scroll down to row 50 and do some changes. Then I save my changes and render the table. I even try to render only tableId:@body but after rendering the table the first visible row in always row 0. Active row is preserved, but it is scrolled out of the view. The setFirst method can not be used since it removes all rows above the specified one. Seems strange there is not a method to specify which row should be the first visible row. It is hard to work with this component if this is not possible because our users normally saves data from time to time and then expect to work on next row in table without having to scroll all the way down again to where they were working.


      Other tables I have worked with typically have a property called TopRow which causes the table to scroll vertically so that the given row becomes the topmost visible row. This is often useful when you want to synchronize two or more tables so that when one of them scrolls, the other scrolls as well.