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    Migrate from EPP 4.3 to 5.1.0 - Show user-defined Page after login


      Hello JBossies,


      while migrating from JBoss EPP 4.3 to EPP 5.0 we are facing a problem

      to migrate a mechanism we use to display programatically another portalpage

      than the default one. Normally JBoss portal (EPP4.3) will

      show the login page after calling a page in a secured Webapplication. If the

      authentication is sucessfull the portals default page is shown.

      Due to some security issues we need to display some other pages

      eg. "change password" or "correct user data" after the login page was shown.

      To achieve this goal we extend


      and override the doMapping(ControllerContext context, ServerInvocation invocation,

      String host, String contextPath, String requestPath) method.

      The Method returns a ControllerCommand which tells the portalserver

      which page should be shown. To do this we return a

      RenderPageCommand with the PortalObjectId we need to be shown.


      To migrate to GateIn/Exo Portal we are locking for an equivalent mechanism.

      Are there any ideas?


      Thanks in advance,

      Daniel Wasser