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    extendedDataTable loses scroll bars on render

    go_marquette Newbie

      I'm using RichFaces 4.0.0 Final + MyFaces 2.1.1 on Tomcat 7.0.16.


      I have an h:selectOneMenu with an embedded a4j:ajax control that fires and renders a table on the page when the select menu changes:


      <h:selectOneMenu id="mySelect" value="#{myForm.mySelectListValue}"


          <f:selectItem itemLabel="Select..." itemValue="" />

          <f:selectItems value="#{myForm.mySelectList}" />

          <a4j:ajax render="myTable" event="valueChange" />




      The table declaration is:

      <rich:extendedDataTable id="myTable" value="#{myForm.filteredContents}" var="content" frozenColumns="2" style="height:300px; width:800px;" selectionMode="single">




      The table renders correctly on page load - I see horizontal and a vertical scrollbar.  However, when the table is rendered after the a4j:ajax fires, both sets of scroll bars disappear! The table does maintain the 300x800 dimensions, however. This worked perfectly with the scrollableDataTable in RichFaces 3, but now the switch to extendedDataTable in RichFaces 4 doesn't work.


      Is there a parameter or ??? that I'm missing that would allow the scroll bars to remain after the table is rerendered?