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    Session Management issue in JBOSS Server

    Nagendra Singh Newbie

      We are migrating our application from Weblogic Service Pack 6 to JBoss 5.0 server. I have a query related to session management in JBOSS.


      Scenario on Weblogic Server:
      If I open 2 instances on the application on 2 tabs of same IE browser, I'm allowed to do that as it generates 2 different session ID for both tabs.

      Problem Scenario on JBOSS server:
      I'm able to successfully login to the application for the first time. But when I try to open a new session in the TAB of the same IE browser, it is not allowing me to do that.

      It is not allowing to generate a new Session ID in JBOSS where as in Weblogic it is allowing me to do so


      This may be the problem with JBOSS container. In weblogic, the container generates the session ID and sets it in the request object. We fetch the ID using "request.getSession().getId()". (Correct me if my analysis is wrong as I'm new to JBOSS)


      Thanks in Advance..