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    In AS6, RESOURCE_LOCAL persistence units were not loaded until Hibernate used them for the first time

    Scott Marlow Master

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      Has anyone figured out what to do about this?


      I am trying to port a Seam3 application from Jboss6 yo AS7. Everything seems to work but we have a module developed via a 3rd party. It is a jar that contains a persistence.xml with transaction-type="RESOURCE_LOCAL" and uses hibernate 3.6. the application is failing to start but is not giving any specific error other than "Composite operation failed and was rolled back. Steps that failed:" => {"Operation step-2" which is less than helpful.


      In Jboss 6. the application starts correctly and only loads the JTA persistence.xml at boot time. The RESOURCE_LOCAL units are loaded by hibernate the first time they are used.