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    Exception in custom WorkItemHandler

    Amin MC Newbie



      Would it be possible to get some advice on what the best way to handle the following situation:


      I have a graph which has a signal message event which then hits a custom service node.  If there is an exception in the service node then I want to go back to the gateway where we received the signal.  I presume in my Work Item Handler i need to make sure i call the abort on the WorkItemManager for the work item node. In my handler if i encounter a problem i never call completeWorkItem but call abort(..).


      What I am noticing is the following:


      I have a converging gateway which receieve a message signal and then moves to a custom node.  An exception occurs in the custom node. If i try to signal again then nothing happens.  As the completeWorkItem is not called on the node should the active node not be the gateway?


      Is there an example out there that demonstrates how to achieve this? Or if anyone could give me a pointer that would be great.