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    Cluster Redistribution lose messages when paging.

    Masao Kato Newbie


      I am using HornetQ2.2.5Final configured clustering and I found that Cluster Redistribution lose messages when paging.


      Here are steps I have done:

      1. Configure a cluster with nodes A and B.(set 0 or more in the RedistributionDelay parameter)

      2. Send messages to Clustered Queue on Node A until it becomes a paging mode.

      3. Receives messages from Clustered Queue on Node B.



      Consumer receives messages which has been distributed to Node B, But cannot receive messages of Node A.

      Messages disappears when redistributing from Node A to Node B.


      On paging mode, Messages is paged in PostOfficeImpl.processRoute() at redistributing.

      And redistributing messages seems to have been deleted by deleting PagedMessages.


      I can provide a test and may I add JIRA?





      Masao Kato