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    Fact Types and Processes not found in package after upgrading Guvnor / Drools to 5.2.0.Final and JBPM to 5.1.0.Final

    Robert Atherton Newbie

      The project I am working on is using JBPM 5.1.0.M1 and Guvnor / Drools 5.2.0.M2.  We are using guvnor to house our business rules, fact types, and business processes, and pull those down to our application using a knowledge agent.  When using the versions mentioned above everything works fine, but once I upgrade JBPM to 5.1.0.Final and Guvnor / Drools to 5.2.0.Final, my application is no longer able to find my fact type or processes that are in the package.


      After I upgrade Guvnor to 5.2.0.Final and rebuild all of my packages, which work fine, and if I manually download the package and open it in notepad, I can see the process and fact type names in the package, but as I mentioned when I load the package through the knowledge agent, my processes and fact types are not available to me.


      Thanks in advance for any help that is provided.