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    Server tab

    Bruno Melloni Newbie

      I just upgraded from Eclipse Ganymede and an old version of jBoss Tools to the Eclipse Helios and the latest stable version of jBoss Tools.


      I was surprised to find that the most useful feature of jBoss Tools - the tab with the list of servers and the ability to add/remove projects - was gone.  I searched in the views and did not find it there either.


      Is that feature gone? 


      If it is, I assume that something replaces it since the Eclipse 'servers' tab isn't half as good as the jBoss one used to be.  So, what should I be using now?

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          Max Rydahl Andersen Master

          All features from JBoss Server tab was contributed back to eclipse own server tab for Eclipse Helios where we deprecated our view, now on Indigo we've removed the view.


          So just use the normal servers view. It does the same now.


          Let me know if there are features you find missing