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    Can't open bpmn from Visual Editor in Process Editor


      I hope to fill in the properties not yet handled in the Visual Editor with the Process Editor.


      A workflow created with the Visual Editor that contains Rule Tasks throws an exception when opened in the Process Editor "An exception occurred while reading in the RuleFlow XML: No messages found See the error log for more details". Where is the error log and how do I fix the xml in a text editor?


      Another error when opening with the Process Editor is a Gateway direction is unspecified. I set Gateway directions in the Visual Editor to Diverging and Converging, save the file, but the properties view shows it goes back to Unspecified.


      What am I to do? I don't want to become an expert XML editor of bpmn2 files. If there are only a few XML changes that will fix problems from the Visual Editor can you please explain them to me? Or do I have to create a new bpmn2 file with the Process Editor?