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    New BPMN eclipse editor is deleting sequence definitions

    Michael Wagner Newbie



      I took a look on the new editor:



      Really nice. But when I open the evaluation.bpm-Example there are now transitions:


      Just moving a node a little bit and saving gives the following diff:

      -<parallelGateway id="_5" name="Gateway" gatewayDirection="Diverging" />
      -<parallelGateway id="_6" name="Gateway" gatewayDirection="Converging" />
      -<endEvent id="_7" name="End" >
      -    <terminateEventDefinition/>


      -<!-- connections -->
      -<sequenceFlow id="_1-_2" sourceRef="_1" targetRef="_2" />
      -<sequenceFlow id="_5-_3" sourceRef="_5" targetRef="_3" />
      -<sequenceFlow id="_5-_4" sourceRef="_5" targetRef="_4" />
      -<sequenceFlow id="_2-_5" sourceRef="_2" targetRef="_5" />
      -<sequenceFlow id="_4-_6" sourceRef="_4" targetRef="_6" />
      -<sequenceFlow id="_3-_6" sourceRef="_3" targetRef="_6" />
      -<sequenceFlow id="_6-_7" sourceRef="_6" targetRef="_7" />


      +<parallelGateway id="_5" name="Gateway" gatewayDirection="Diverging"/>
      +<parallelGateway id="_6" name="Gateway" gatewayDirection="Converging"/>
      +<endEvent id="_7" name="End">
      <terminateEventDefinition id="_XKxN1KyXEeCVC8M0Le845g"/>
      +<sequenceFlow id="_1-_2"/>
      +<sequenceFlow id="_5-_3"/>
      +<sequenceFlow id="_5-_4"/>
      +<sequenceFlow id="_2-_5"/>
      +<sequenceFlow id="_4-_6"/>
      +<sequenceFlow id="_3-_6"/>
      +<sequenceFlow id="_6-_7"/>
      +<userTask id="_2" name="Self Evaluation">


      Is this a bug? Could somebody please try this on his own?