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    jBPM5.1 - eclipse BPMN process editor loses imports of script tasks

    Sebastien Lelarge Newbie

      Hi all,


      I am using the eclipse BPMN process editor v5.1.0.Final (not the new one BPMN visual editor) to design my processes and I have discovered something that is really annoying.

      When using script tasks with Java code inside, I use the "imports" button to import external classes and make them available in the code executed from the task. When I save my process definition just after setting imports, they are successfully saved in the generated BPMN file for this process.

      The problem is that the imports disappear when I re-open the process definition in editor to update it and then save it. When the process is saved after the update, then the imports are lost.


      Is this a known problem for the plugin ? Is there something am I doing wrong in task config ?

      How can I solve this problem ?


      I am still using this editor because I think the new one is not very useable to configure script & user tasks. Maybe future versions will be easier and intuitive to use.