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    alternative location for h2 database

    Michael Wagner Newbie



      somebody please tell me how I can change the location for the h2 database from "C:\Documents and Settings\<username>" to the jbpm-installier directory? Would be nice to have all things in one place. Especially if working with multiple users.


      I have tried this in the build file:


      <target name="start.h2" depends="download.h2">

          <java classname="org.h2.tools.Server" fork="true" spawn="true">

            <arg value="-tcp" />

            <arg value="-baseDir=${install.home}/repository"/>

            <arg value="-mvcc=true"/>

            <classpath location="${install.home}/db/driver/h2.jar" />




      But that does not work. Where are the startup parameters of h2 documentated? Cant find it on the homepage.