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    JBPM RESTful service

    James Williams Newbie



      I'm investigating using JBPM over a RESTful web service and think the service described at http://docs.jboss.org/jbpm/v5.1/userguide/ch11.html#d0e3206 might be a good start.


      I'm hoping that someone can provide me with some more details so I can evaluate whether to use this. At the very least I need to know the following:

      1) Is there a more detailed description? I have looked at the http://localhost:8080/gwt-console-server/rs/server/resources page and it is a good start but I need more. EG. What is the POST method expecting to be included in the submit?

      2) Where is the code? I have been looking through the JBPM source and have found nothing referring to these services. The build is quite complex and seems to create a web.xml file with reference to RestEasy.