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    FTP - Local FS ESB Services Question

    maksrma Newbie

      Hello All


      I have problem with ESB ftp(or file system) bus.

      What need to do:

      Some module of complex application does some process and as result creates file on file system (local directory).

      This file should be replaced in some FTP server forlder. (or vice versa - file is created on ftp, and esb scheduler should replace it in local directory)


      According ESB quickstart documentation - I can create file system or ftp provider, bus, listener and action. And it works fine but:

      If it file system provider I can get some file from LOCAL directory and put it as processed to another LOCAL directory, with FTP - exactly same but just for FTP folders.


      I want to have ESB service that will start processing by schedule event (for example fires work per 30 sec) and will got files from some local folder and pass them to ftp server folder. Any other actions on files doesn't needed.


      E.g. Need to combine this two actions. Have anybody ideas?


      Now as solution I use scheme: ESB Local Dir bus <fs-provider> -- <fs-listener> - <action class> (This class manually create FTP connection via apache lib - FTPClient, and pass file to FTP). I think last part of my scheme is redundant and it is possible to bypass.