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    JBoss 6 vs GlassFish 3 performance

    superas Newbie


      i'm wondering what you can tell me about differences of implementations of remote ejb calling in these applications servers. Maybe how to get better performance on jboss. I've made a simple EAR application, one bean with one method.



      public class TestBean implements TestBeanRemote {


          public String test() {

              return new java.util.Date().toString();




      In both, ejb is secured with DatabaseServerLoginModule and connections are encrypted with SSL. On remote client i'm invoking test() method 10 times on jboss and then on glassfish.


      So, jboss results:

      it takes 7 sec after:

      TestBeanRemote cbr = (TestBeanRemote) ic.lookup("jbossTest/TestBean/remote");

      and then after each invoke test() method 5 sec, so at the end it takes something about 60 sec of whole program is running


      on glassfish

      after lookup i've got 19 sec, and after 10 times calling test() 20 sec so whole program runs only 20 sec


      thanks for any advise