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    JMX in AS7

    Eduardo Martins Apprentice

      Hello, I noticed there is no jmx-console and twiddle, neither the new web console and CLI include any JMX capabilities in AS7 FINAL, what does this mean for apps relying on JMX for management, JMX clients are always needed? Are there any plans for the inclusion of the JMX Console and Twiddle?

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          Emanuel Muckenhuber Master

          JMX is not a required to run AS7, therefore apps shouldn't rely on JMX for management. Especially if you think about the managed domain mode, JMX for management wouldn't work for us any more. Although we plan to provide a mapping layer for JMX at one point, it would still be based  on the native management view. So subsystems should register all their management operations as part of their extension.


          It depends on what your management app is doing and whether the domain ues cases apply or not - to decide how to move forward. I wouldn't count on us providing a jmx-console or twiddle command though.

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            Eduardo Martins Apprentice

            JMX is the standard for Java apps management, it is expected that app devs opted for JMX for real time configuration, monitoring or generic management. It's the common case to make MBeans for every management related operation, and only on top create consoles or other tools. Now not having a single tool to help with JMX management requires that app developers to do it, thus not taking advantage of a common facility (important parts of an app server).


            IMHO it is a big mistake for an app server vendor, to not include JMX basic tools, specially for one that already had these tools! I can't really understand what is the big deal with porting a web app as the old jmx-console, or bundling a CLI so flexible as Twiddle, these are tools which work a spec present in any JVM, that is, these should not require that the AS includes any particular code or interface...


            Anyway, where can I find info about how to register subsystems management operations, we will need this too.

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              Emanuel Muckenhuber Master

              Hmm, i think you misunderstood what i was trying to say.... let me try to explain that again. We are planning to expose more (all) management operations through JMX, so that you basically can use jconsole to administer AS. However this will be a mapping layer from JMX to our native management model and not the other way around. This is because JMX does not support all concepts we need for domain management. So you have to differentitate between a user and someone extending / integrating with JBossAS (i am referring to the later).


              Here is some documentation about extending AS, which also includes how to register operation handlers: https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/AS7/Extending+JBoss+AS+7

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                Eduardo Martins Apprentice

                Yes, with JConsole since JDK5 the jmx-console may not a big deal... for devices with a JDK, now just to give an example, how many new gen mobile devices, which are gtting more and more popular for management, have a JDK with JConsole? The old web app, not requiring a big effort to migrate, would be a good feature!


                And what about the CLI, this is very important for remote management, one would expect that one of the very basic management ops would be to invoke an MBean...


                Thanks for the link, will look at it.

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                  Arnold Johansson Apprentice

                  Not an direct answer to your question, but I've created a lightweight distribution of twiddle from JBoss AS 6.1.0.Final that works for exposed JMX data in AS7. More info here https://community.jboss.org/people/arnoldjohansson/blog/2012/04/14/twiddle-standalone

                  and the distribution can be found here https://github.com/swesource/twiddle-standalone