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    Boundary event jbpm5.0 problem

    devora Mar.... Newbie



      I followed TimerBoundaryEvent example and wrote the following code:



      <process processType="Private" isExecutable="true" id="test" name="test.b" >
          <!-- nodes -->
          <boundaryEvent id="_5" name="TimerEvent" attachedToRef="_8" >
              <timeCycle xs:type="tFormalExpression">10ms</timeCycle>
          <scriptTask id="_6" name="Script" scriptFormat="http://www.java.com/java" >
          <endEvent id="_7" name="End2" />
          <subProcess id="_8" name="Sub-Process"  >
          <!-- nodes -->
          <startEvent id="_8-1" name="Start" />
          <scriptTask id="_8-2" name="Script" scriptFormat="http://www.java.com/java" >
          <scriptTask id="_8-3" name="Script" scriptFormat="http://www.java.com/java" >
          <endEvent id="_8-4" name="EscalationEvent" />
          <!-- connections -->
          <sequenceFlow id="_8-1-_8-2" sourceRef="_8-1" targetRef="_8-2" />
          <sequenceFlow id="_8-2-_8-3" sourceRef="_8-2" targetRef="_8-3" />
          <sequenceFlow id="_8-3-_8-4" sourceRef="_8-3" targetRef="_8-4" />
          <startEvent id="_9" name="Start" />
          <endEvent id="_10" name="End" >
          <!-- connections -->
          <sequenceFlow id="_5-_6" sourceRef="_5" targetRef="_6" />
          <sequenceFlow id="_6-_7" sourceRef="_6" targetRef="_7" />
          <sequenceFlow id="_9-_8" sourceRef="_9" targetRef="_8" />
          <sequenceFlow id="_8-_10" sourceRef="_8" targetRef="_10" />


      See the attached picture as well.


      However, the timer event is not being executed!


      I see that only the system.out of System.out.println("UP"); is being invoked - which has before thread sleep of 15 ms, and the timer which has 10ms is not being invoked as all!


      What's wrong?