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    Binding rich Panel - Cannot reRender with Ajax Component

    Vlad setrhsteh Newbie

      Hello everyone,

      I have a rich panel in my home.xhml of my seam project.

      And i binded it to an object like this:

      <rich:panel id="PANEL" binding="#{panelContent}"/>

      I generate some UIComponent like s:button or rich:combobox or rich:effect from a backing bean and i added these to my UIComponent object "panelContent".

      I try to add these components with ajax effect with a4j:commandButton and try to reRender the panel "PANEL" after generating components.

      But with no success... There is no problem with generated components because with an s:button, it's working.

      So a UIComponent with a "binding" property, cannot be reRendered?

      Thanks for your help.