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    How to change the size of rich:select individually (RF V4)?

    Georg Nozicka Newbie

      How can I change the size of rich:select item individually (not the drop down box, the upper field where the selected item is displayed)?


      Imagine the following situation:


      <rich:select value="#{someBean.sel1}">

        <f:selectItems value="#{someBean.sels1}" />



      <rich:select value="#{someBean.sel2}">

        <f:selectItems value="#{someBean.sels2}" />



      I know that I can change the size with e.g.


      <style type="text/css">

      .rf-sel-inp {

        width: 300px !important;




      But this changes the size of both rich:select items to the same size, my goal would be, that they both have different sizes (e.g. the upper 200px und the lower 100px).


      Thanks for any help,