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    JCAPTCHA rendering anomaly in JBoss AS5

    drrobert Newbie

      I'm in the process of moving from OC4J application server to JBoss application server. As a result, I have identical code running in each environment.

      One issue that I have not been able to overcome is that of JCAPTCHA. When the image loads via OC4J, it renders as I'd expect it to 100% of the time. When the image loads via JBoss however, approximately 50% of the time (I just reloaded the image 20 times and the issue was present in 10 captchas), one or more of the characters is completely unreadable.

      Does anyone have any explainations or perhaps experienced this problem?

      See two examples here

      Note: Both environments are currently live and have identical EAR files deployed to each.