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    How to Redirect all URLs through my application

    Mike wales Newbie



      I have a JBoss server where I need to deploy only 2 applications webapp1 and webapp2.


      If url is http://localhost:8080/xyz/abc/a123

      it should display the page equivalent to http://localhost:8080/webapp1/xyz/abc/a123


      i.e., all urls should be equivalent to http://localhost:8080/webapp1/<any_path>

      except for http://localhost:8080/webapp2/


      webapp1 is a web application with static html contents and the necessary web.xml and other required files.

      (currently webapp1 is .war file but can be changed to .ear if required)


      Unsuccessful Attempts :

      1. renamed webapp1 to ROOT

      2. Deleted ROOT.war and added jboss-web.xml with <context-root>/</context-root>