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    How to get a 'JBoss service' with CDI in JMX with AS6?

    Ben Kirby Newbie

      Hi, I'm currently migrating a JBoss service class from AS5.1 to AS6 (not going to AS7 for a variety of reasons).


      For AS5.1, the service implements a {serviceName}MBean and has a jboss-service.xml with attribute values. It's packaged in a jboss-sar, which is packaged in an EAR to be deployed. When deployed, the service fields are populated with the values from jboss-service.xml, and the service is automatically registered into JMX.


      I would like to achieve the same thing using AS6, but would like the service to support CDI - so I'd like its new @Inject injection points to be satisfied. I need these to be satisfied in the object registered with JMX, so that methods called via JMX can reference injected fields, but I'm struggling to achieve this.


      I've had to package the service in a jar, instead of a jboss-sar, for classloader reasons, but let's say it's otherwise unchanged. When deployed to AS6, all works as before - service goes into JMX, values from XML propagate to the object. However, the instance created does not have its CDI injection points satisfied, and neither does the object registered in JMX.


      If I annotate the service class with @Startup and @javax.ejb.Singleton, but keep its interface and the jboss-service.xml, the object registered into JMX still does not have its CDI injection points satisfied. However if I programmattically deregister that bean, and re-register the instance in a @PostConstruct method, then the bean in JMX DOES have its injection points satisfied. However that bean no longer has the values specified in the jboss-service.xml.


      So how can I get the best of both worlds? CDI and the usual JBoss service behaviour? What is the correct way to implement a JBoss service with CDI? I've been unable to find documentation on this. Hope someone can help.