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    BPM tools comparison - jBPM advantages

    Dan Seaver Newbie

      Our engineering team is comparing several BPM tools. Does anyone have favorite reasons for using jBPM over other candidates? The team has committed to using Drools, so if you have something that points out why it's better to use the integrated Drools BPM tool (jBPM) over a non-integrated tool (such as Activiti), that would be the most helpful.


      Any help is appreciated.



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          Chris Melas Apprentice


          We use in our systems, jbpm because of drools. We had worked with drools in the past and it is a strong and proven platform. So not only because of the ability to add rules, but due to the fact that drools architecture is in the core of jbpm, hence they share sessions, objects, rules, facts etc. all this makes it quite powerfull.

          In addition i also like the way that human tasks and custom services are handled and created. Everything seems straightforward, modular and flexible.


          However, i must admit that Activiti is really powerfull as well and we keep evaluating both as releases come out. The toolset of Activiti is pretty powerful so due to the fact that both platforms use the bpmn2 standard we try to combine both technologies to some extend.

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