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    JBoss 4.2.2 number of threads that could be supported

    jerish sunny Newbie

      is there any benchmark available for jboss 4.2.2, on the number of threads the applications could support.


      I am having a HP-UX 11.23 server with 8CPU and 32Gb RAM. My application works on JBoss 4.2.2 with Java and 4Gb Xmx and 704kb Xss and 64 bit mode.

      Is there any way that the number of threads that could be supported by the application be determined.


      I used a formula like number of thread=(Xmx - Os memory )/(Xss) = approx 1000 threads

      But my application starts performing really slow once it reaches the 500 threads.

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          Peter Johnson Master

          Your formula is fairly accurate - given your system's memory you can support about 1000 threads. However, being able to physcially support that number of threads and having the system still run while juggling that number of threads are two different things. The only way to really tell how many threads your app can handle is through load testing. And while doing that you need to monitor system data, determine where the bottleneck is, then eliminate or reduce the bottleneck, and repeat until you get the performance you like. And there can be numerous reasons why your app starts to slow down at 500 threads: contention within the app, the app server or even the OS/hardware; too many heavy-duty requests; etc.