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    Jboss cache cacheloader not working

    Hari Sundharesan Newbie

      JbossAS 5.1

      Jboss cache 3.2.5

      I have tried using the FileCacheloader,BdbjeCacheLoader and JDBMCacheLoader wtih the



      The cacheloader does not seem to work (does not load from cache on a server restart, no files are created incase of FileCacheLoader).


      I create the cache using


                  CacheFactory factory = new DefaultCacheFactory();

                  Cache tree = factory.createCache("/tmp/cache-service.xml");          



      tree.put and tree.get operations with string payloads.


      Incase of bdbje and jdbmcacheloaders , couple of files are created in the folder. but that's it. does not seem to be used on a restart of the server.


      I have attached my cache-service.xml


      What am I doing wrong here ?