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    Must all cluster nodes create all named caches?

    Joe Planisky Newbie

      Hi all,


      I'm just getting started with Infinispan (5.0.0.CR7).  If this question is answered in any of the documentation, please point me to it.


      I have 3 nodes in a cluster, clustering mode is "distribution".  Nodes 1 & 2 need to share data in a cache named "pending_work".  Nodes 1 & 3 need to share different data in a cache named "working".  Node 3 does not need to know anything about the "pending_work" cache, so it doesn't get it from its CacheManager at startup. 


      However, when node 1 adds an entry to the "pending_work" cache, it gets a series of exceptions starting with a NamedCacheNotFound exception which indicates it's looking for a cache named "pending_work" on node 3.  If I change node 3 so it gets a cache named "pending_work" at startup (even though it doesn't need it or use it), everything works OK (i.e. no exceptions).


      Is this normal, expected behavior? Must every node in a cluster get an instance of all named caches used anywhere in the cluster regardless of whether it needs to use that cache or not? 


      Thanks in advance.