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    JBoss Unresponsive (SNMP?)

    cavillis Newbie

      I have a JBoss 5.1 server, and after being up for a few days it becomes unresponsive.  Everything looks normal on the server, no errors in log files, however if I try to access it via my browser it never responds. It also will not shutdown from the startup script.


      For a while, I figured its something wrong with my code freezing JBoss, however lately I noticed that every single time the server becomes responsive, it's right after the SNMP agent restarts. Could there be some SNMP issue causing JBoss to stop listening on its ports? It would certainly explain the unresponsiveness w/ no error in log.


      Can anyone think of how SNMP would cause this issue? Could it still be an issue with my could? Let me know what I can provide you to help with my problem