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    Jboss 4.2.2 Session stickiness and load balancing

    med sami Newbie


      I have a question regarding Treecache and sticky sessions.

      I have a J2EE application which run behind a JBOSS 4.2.2 in the treecache.xml i initiate all the peers:

      that's mean all nodes are discovered in the start up, if a peer is dead, new requests will be forwarded to the other available peer

      <TCPPING initial_hosts="host1[27810],host2[27810],host3[27810]"

      so if the host1 is note available, connections will be forwarded to node 2 and so on.

      I tested and it works.

      How jboss is managing the session, how to configure sessions stickiness to dispatch the request to the appropriate node (every future request from the same client will be processed by that same node, how can i define the load factor?

      Actualy I was able to define sticky session only using mod_jk of apache with conbinaison of two Jboss servers to dispatch session to the available node.