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    Failed to load class "org.slf4j.impl.StaticLoggerBinder"

    Tobias Wittur Newbie

      Hello everybody,


      I just installed jBPM. I successfully ran the ProcessTest.java of the Hello World demo example. I then went on with the evaluation example of the sample folder.


      However, when I run the ProcessTest.java, I get an error:


      SLF4J: Failed to load class "org.slf4j.impl.StaticLoggerBinder".

      SLF4J: Defaulting to no-operation (NOP) logger implementation

      SLF4J: See http://www.slf4j.org/codes.html#StaticLoggerBinder for further details.


      I know this issue is not new. I found those 2 posts:




      So I checked the folder C:\jbpm\db\driver and the file h2.jar is existent.

      I then checked the build path of the evaluation project:




      However, the ProcessTest file still does not execute.


      I would be grateful for any hint.


      Best regards