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    Batching multiple updates on the same key

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      1. We have an environment where we're frequently putting data into cache with the same key. This is because we use an event-driven application and we are forced to listen to those events. Let's say we fire Event A ten times in ten seconds. This would lead into ten RPC-calls on one key. Our data has no real-time-requirements and it is fine with us to update the data delayed. I've seen the ReplicationQueue but I'm not sure whether it fulfills our requirements: the ReplicationQueue would buffer the ten UpdateCommands and then do a flush after the replQueueInterval has been hit and then perform ten UpdateCommands. What we need is not a queue but some kind of a java.util.Set-implementation which allows only one entry per key and command-type.

      2. We don't want our business-application to do caching, because we need all heap for this application. So we set up a client-server-modell using Hotrod. But actually I do not understand the difference between a Hotrod-client-configuration and a normal cache-configuration with having evictionMaxEntries=0.In addition, when using a HotrodClient all the features requested in 1. would not make many sense because they only affect Infinispan-architecture (right?).

      3. In a nutshell: should I consider implementing an own buffer on business-application-level (primarily when using Hotrod)?


      Many thanks!