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    Problem in using JBOSS POJO Cache

    Vyomesh Upadhyay Newbie



      We tried a solution using Jboss cache(3.0.0GA), where we made a POJO class(Manager) which maintains and manipulates the data(maps) and put it onto Cache(PojoCache). We have deployed the cache service on cluster using a startup class which initializes and puts the Manager class on the cache only on the first clustered server and initializes the cache service on others. So the Manager class is replicated on other servers. The problem faced with this approach is that the class is getting replicated in the cache, but the data Maps are not. Each server is displaying different set of data when accessed.


      Is this approach right or we are missing something here…??


      Deployment setup is as follows,

      On Weblogic server 10g we have,

      - Admin server

      - 1 Cluster

      - 3 managed servers as part of cluster

      - One managed server used as HTTP proxy