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    SFTP JCA connector for JBoss 6?




      I'm building a Spring 3.0 app that is running on JBoss 6.x. I have a need for my application to access files (get and put) via sftp. Having never done this before, I did some research and found that Spring-Integration has support for sftp. However, the architect on this project is insisting that the connection must come from the container and not from the app.


      Consequently, I find myself searching for an SFTP JCA, but cannot find anything of value. I did run across txconnect.sourceforge.net but the library seems as though there is no active development and does not support ssh keys (only username/pwd).

      Is there anything out there that I can use? Searching on Google has turned up nothing. Can Spring be configured as a JCA for JBoss? Do I need something else?