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    JBoss 5.1 - DefaultJMSProvider exception continually appearing in logs

    eightyseventurbo Newbie

      Hello, all,


      We've recently deployed a series of JBoss 5.1 Enterprise application servers.  After starting any of these instances, we're seeing the following exception spammed every thirty seconds or so in our server.log file:



      2011-07-19 15:38:15,606 WARN [com.arjuna.ats.jta.logging.loggerI18N] (Thread-19) [com.arjuna.ats.internal.jta.recovery.xarecovery1] Local XARecoveryModule.xaRecovery  got XA exception javax.transaction.xa.XAException: Error trying to connect to provider java:/DefaultJMSProvider, XAException.XAER_RMERR



      I've been Googling this error message for the past couple of hours, but my results have been inconclusive.  I don't know where the DefaultJMSProvider data source (if that's what it is) is configured.  I've looked into the destinations-service.xml file in the deploy/messaging directory, but everything there looks as though it's configured correctly.  I'm assuming that either a data source needs to be set up, or a configuration file needs to be modified somewhere, but I have no idea where those changes should take place at this point.


      If anyone here can offer any advice on how to handle this exception, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks in advace!

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          Thunder Lei Newbie



          from error log, I guess you config a xa datasource for JMS perstance.


          look into "YOUR_JBOSS_HOME/server/YOUR_PROFILE/deploy/messaging/XXX-persistence-service", where there are two attribute "DataSource", find out the datasource name and check corresponding datascource if it's XA datasource.

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            eightyseventurbo Newbie

            Hey, Thunder,


            Apologies for the late reply, but I'm still trying to deal with this issue.


            I looked into the datasource defined in the path you gave, which turned out to be a file called "hsqldb-persistence-service.xml".  From what I've read, this refers to the default Hypersonic database that JBoss ships with.  I'm not sure why I'm seeing a continuous error from something that is included in the default JBoss configuration.  Do I have to configure Hypersonic somehow to prevent this error from occurring?  Should I modify the hsqldb-persistence-service.xml file to ensure that this datasource is treated as an XA Datasource by JBoss?


            I'm kind of at a loss with this one, so any help that anyone can offer is much appreciated.  This exception is spamming itself in our log files about every five minutes or so.

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              Joshua Wilson Newbie

              Did you ever figure this out. I recently ran across this and figured I would at least post one possible solution.


              If you are not using clustering then there are a few fields in the oracle-persistance-service.xml file that need to be commented out.

              You should have already done steps 1 - 3 but I added them just in case.

              1. cd /.../jbossas/server/xxx/deploy/messaging/
              2. rm hsqldb-persistence-service.xml
              3. cp /.../jbossas/docs/examples/jms/oracle-persistance-service.xml .
              4. vim oracle-persistence-service.xml
                1. / Channel (that is find for 'Channel' in vim)
                2. comment out the 4 lines below the Note that tell you to comment out the lines, like so.

                             <!--depends optional-attribute-name="ChannelFactoryName">jboss.jgroups:service=ChannelFactory</depends>

                             <attribute name="ControlChannelName">jbm-control</attribute>

                             <attribute name="DataChannelName">jbm-data</attribute>

                             <attribute name="ChannelPartitionName">${jboss.partition.name:DefaultPartition}-JMS</attribute-->