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    AS7 resteasy jax-rs and server restart

    Are Tysnes Newbie

      After some tweeking and merging (from AS6) I now have our app with restlet interface up and running in AS7


      But one problem bugs me... when I deploy the app everything works.. when i restart AS7 the rest-interface is

      inactive and all of the applications services responds with 404  - The requested service xxx is not available


      Redeploying the application and the services responds again.


      Looks like the JaxRsActivator fails to deployed when restarting AS7 ?? Or something else I have missed ?


      Edit: Also same behavior when using the jax-rs web.xml aproach https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/AS7/JAX-RS+Reference+Guide

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          jaikiran pai Master

          That shouldn't be the case. How do you deploy? Using command line interface or directly placing it in the standalone/deployments or admin-console? If you are using the standalone/deployments folder then can you tell us its contents before and after the deployment and also before and after the restart of the server?

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            Are Tysnes Newbie

            Ok.. this was a bit strange..


            When I started migrate my app i pasted the war inside the standalone/deployments folder manually. After my migrate went forward I started using mvn jboss-as:deploy


            When I removed the war and .deployed file located in the standalone/deployments folder and just uses maven the services looks to be functional even after restart.


            So.. it looks like deployment through maven installs a second version of a war directly to the standalone/tmp folder without deleting the old one from standalone/deployments ?


            And the reason my services did stop working is that the application version located in standalone/deployments was missing the JaxRsActivator. So this war is loaded before the one deployed through maven ?


            Sounds like a minor bug in AS7


            Thx for helping me sorting this out

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              jaikiran pai Master

              Because of the way file system deployments (i.e. deployments via standalone/deployment folder) is currently implemented, mix and match of deployment techniques like this one, can lead to interesting issues