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    Finding a task id during task assignment

    Ayusman Dikshit Newbie


      is it possible to find the task id that got created when a task is assigned to an user?


      in my case, the task gets assigned to an user which is found using a task assignment handler.

      However I also need the task id to be stored in an external table, so that another application can invoke the

      completion of the specifc task just by doing a




      Since the task ID that was created as a part of the TASK activity in my JPDL is going to assign tha task automatically, is it possible to have some kind of event-handler/code to achieve this?


      I have tried event-handler... but does not seem to work...



         <task name="assignTask" assignee="testUser1" g="200,153,92,52">

                 <on event="start">

                <event-listener class="test.TestDemo3">

                  <field name="msg"><string value="start on activity wait"/></field>




            <transition name="to java1" to="to_perform_math_op" g="-18,-23"/>



      Please help!!