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    ExtendedTableData scrolling losing columns

    holyphoenix Newbie

      I looked at the example on the website and the row with the column names stayed visible.   I tried to find the difference on my script, but could not.  When I scroll the row with column names scrolls away with the rest of the data.


      I am on richfaces 3.3.3.


      Does anyone have any clue on how to make the column names remain while scrolling?  Is there some bit of css I have to modify?





      Edit:  I found the problem by thinking about other things I have done.  I had to add the css folowing this in order to add a horizontal scrollbar.  It is causing the issue.


      Is there a way I can have it work while still keeping my horizontal scroll?



      height: 100% !important;



      top: 0px;

      left: 0px;

      position: absolute;

      overflow-x:auto !important;

      overflow-y:auto !important;