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    Jboss AS 7 Cluster

    David Lira Newbie

      What about cluster in JBOSS AS 7 ?

      I find some documentation but its not clear how i must do.

      Only create a group with profile ha and instantiate nodes ? So, how I can do load balance ?

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          Paul Ferraro Master

          This question elluded my radar.  Sorry about that.

          If you're starting your servers via the domain controller, make sure your target server group is configured to use the "ha" profile.  Assuming your cluster nodes reside on different machines, you'll also need to change the default interface to a non-loopback interface so that your servers will actually be able to see each other.  Once that's done, just start your servers normally.  They will form a cluster when the first distributable application is deployed.

          If you're starting your servers in standalone mode, make sure to start them using "--server-config=standalone-ha.xml".


          To load balance, we recommend using mod_cluster with mod_advertise (see the mod_cluster docs for how to set that up).  Your AS7 nodes will auto-register any deployed webapps with the load balancer.