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    GateIn : Customizing authentication and Role based migration

    Vikas V Newbie

      Hi all,


      After struggling for a long time, figured out (to some extent) authentication in GateIn and

      customising it.. This post might help all those trying the same.


      Below are the steps I followed.


      In ..\gatein_project\packaging\jboss-as6\pkg\target\jboss\server\default\deploy\gatein.ear\META-INF

      I changed gatein-jboss-beans.xml as  below.


      Instead of org.exoplatform.services.organization.idm.CustomMembershipLoginModule,

      I gave "myPackage.myClass"


      Here myClass extends AbstractLoginModule.


      I made a jar having myPackage and deployed it in




      and restarted the server.


      Now, you can write your own code in myClass.


      Imp : JbossLoginModule in gatein-jboss-beans.xml should be uncommented. This has "exo.security.identity".

      If its commented, code will not enter if (this.sharedState.containsKey("exo.security.identity")) in myClass

      and it will throw "No identity found error"


      Now the java scripts in login.jsp of GateIn were put into myLogin.jsp


      After authentication, instead of redirecting to GateIn home page, it was redirected to myHomePage.



      Now, am struggling to understand JBID  tables used by GateIn..

      Also, not getting how can I do Group/Role based migration (Because I have not understood those tables)


      If any one knows , please share....