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    ui:include in Richfaces 4

    vinhqdo Newbie

      I'm using facelets and RF4 and can not get ui:include to work at all.


      In the previous version of Richfaces, I had to use a4j:include instead of ui:include but  a4j:include is not in the new version.



      At this time, i can not post my entire code but this is a snippet of the code.




      <?xml ?>

      <!DOCTYPE html>

      <html xmlns.../>



      <meta content-type="text/html;charset="utf-8"/>



      <ui:include src="test.xhtml">








      <?xml ?>

      <!DOCTYPE html>

      <ui:composition xmlns..>






      My configuration is


      Richfaces 4.0 Final

      JSF 2.0.4

      Tomcat 7.0.2