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    the Content Assist in jboss tools html editor

    yilin chai Newbie

      hi all,


      i got confused with the Content Assist in jboss tools html editor.

      version: eclipse indigo+ jboss tools Core 3.3.0.M2

      the core problem is:

      what is the relationship between richfaces4 Content Assist and project libraries?

      issue 1:

      in one project generated by richfaces-archetype-simpleapp, all the lib is properly referenced (richfaces4+jsf2), but the following

      <rich:tabPanel switchType="client" activeItem="Search" headerPosition="bottom" >

      when i press ctrl+space for switchType, the editor properly prompt the enum value, but

      when i press ctrl+space for headerPosition, the editor properly did not prompt the enum value



      issue 2:

      in another project not generated by richfaces-archetype-simpleapp. there are not jsf jar being referenced, but has jsf2 project facet (i checked the POM and project path)

      when i press ctrl+space, the editor can still prompt jsf tag properly (which i think it should not happen).



      i am not quite clear what is happening in the Content Assist bakcground.

      could somebody please clarify these issues?