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    Is 7.0.0.Final ready and stable for production?

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      (We applogise in advance for cross-posting but feel Jboss7 user and developers many have different experiences and so we would like to ask both of groups for their views.)


      We would like to move to 7.0.0.Final (Everything) in production.

      If you read http://www.techworld.com.au/article/393326/red_hat_speeds_jboss_7_market/ - version 7.1, should implement, and receive certification for the entire Java EE 6 stack.


      Are there any people using 7.0.0.Final in production and is it stable under load?

      Can 7.0.0.Final (Everything) run well under load with MDB's, Hornet, Spring, Seam, EJB 3.1/3.0 applications?

      Or do you advise others to wait until JBoss 7.1?

      Please will some one share their experiences on using this new product.


      Thanks for any guidance.