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    About data store

    simon shen Newbie

      A few dates ago, I installed jboss esb server, and meanwhile I changed database from Hypersonic to MySQL.

      At that time, I just think that I must persist my data into database rather than kind of memory.

      It runs ok now, I was very happy that I can deploy jPDL to MySQL, and some other data can also be stored in MySQL.


      But when I tried to run [samples\quickstarts\jms_transacted], I found that you can also define your own datasource to persist messages.

      Then why we need to transform database from Hypersonic to MySQL except jbpm.esb?


      Can anyone who tell me the function of following configurations under [jbossesb-server-4.7\server\default\deploy]







      I'm not clear that esb server help us to automatically persist what kind of data?

      And then, as a developer we also need to persist what kind of data?




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          Tom Cunningham Master

          I'm not sure I understand the questions here, but the ESB itself uses queues (DLQ, etc) and the EPR data stored jUDDI also needs a datasource.


          The administration guide has details on most of the the components you are asking about, give it a look.

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            simon shen Newbie

            1.4. Database Configuration

            The ESB uses a database for persisting Registry services, and the Message-Store.




            what kind of situation ESB would persist messages into database automatically?


            Actually, when ESB server would insert messages into table of message?