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    Create directory with the name of each entity


      Hello, i´m a newbie in Seam.


      I am modifying Seam to create a specific directory structure. Specifically I am modifying the file build.xml. I created new templates and works well. My problem is as follows:


      Build.xml I want create a new directory with the name of each entity, but is giving me more of a headache. My intention was to use the syntax using tag <hbmtemplate> as follows.


      <hibernate templatepath="${templates.dir}">

          <!-- Setup jdbconfigurator -->


          <hbmtemplate filepattern = "{class-name}.jsp"

                   template = "src/EntityAction.java.ftl"

                   destdir = "${project.home}/src/${package.dir}/{class-name}"

                   foreach = "entity">

               <property key="actionPackage" value="${project.package}.service"/>




      But my surprise was that the {class-name} variable can only be used by the parameter filepattern.


      Is there another variable that can be used, or is there another easier way to do this task?